Originally from Bentonville, Arkansas. Turner moved to upstate New York to attend the New York College of Ceramics at Alfred University. She fell in Love with the embodied nature of light and sculpture, and the relationships she could form to her own body. She continued her investigations using neon as her primary medium and graduated in may 2021 with her BFA and a minor in Dance.

Turner is a Light and Mixed Media Artist focusing primarily in her investigations with Neon. Her work explores many themes surrounding the inner workings of the body, aspects of touch, negotiation of unseen boundaries and shared sensations. She aims to provoke a sensitivity using light as her medium of choice.


Sarah Turner


Alfred University, NewYork

Bachelors of Fine Art and Design; May 2021

Minor in Dance; May 2021

Bentonville High School

Graduated 2017


2022     Bathed In Light, 21c Museum, Bentonville, Arkansas

2022     Nostalgia, NorthWest Arkansas Mall, Bentonville, Arkansas 

2022     Black Apple Awards, 214, Springdale, Arkansas

2021     Word Show, Turner Gallery, Alfred, NewYork 

2021     Hot Pickled Okra? Fooey!! Photo Gallery, Alfred, New York

2021     Word Show. Turner Gallery, Alfred, New York

2019     The Weird Machine, The Alcove Gallery, Alfred, NewYork

2019     Girls Girls Girls, Turner Gallery, Alfred, NewYork

2019     Neighbors, Hornell Community Arts Center, NewYork

2018     Insides Outside, Career Development Center, Alfred, NewYork

2018     In Plain Sight, Cohen Gallery, Alfred, NewYork

2017     Fresh Meet, Turner Gallery, Alfred, NewYork


Cody Ford, Black Apple Awards, 2022


Lily Smith, Love Thy Neighbor, 2019



2021     An Exhibition of Dance, CD Smith Theater, Alfred, NewYork

2019     An Evening Of Dance, CD Smith Theater, Alfred, NewYork

2019     Informal Dance Showcase, Black Box Theater, Alfred, NewYork

2018     An Evening Of Dance, CD Smith Theater, Alfred, NewYork

2018     Informal Dance Showcase, Black Box Theater, Alfred, NewYork


2022     Elucidation, Momentary, Bentonville, Arkansas